So as you know we are covering a whole host of angles with sustainability as Home of Eco wants to discover ways of living better and as always, you are invited to join us on the journey. Something that I hadn’t considered is alcohol! There I was on a Sunday morning sipping tea and writing some of the content for another ‘What on Earth’ and in the background, Sunday Brunch was on. They welcomed guest, Ryan Chetiyawardana who revealed he would be getting the presenters to sample sustainable drinks. My ears pricked up and I thought ‘have I been in this bubble for so long that I just hear these buzz words in my subconscious or did he just say that?!’ Luckily, the latter was actually true and he presented them with the following beverages:

Drink 1- British Daiquiri
Made up of: London Organic Rum, freshly pressed green apple, honey and water

Drink 2 – Carrot Top Collins
Made up of: Gin, lemon juice and carrot leaf syrup (who ever eats carrot leaves? They have officially found their calling)

Drink 3 – Heirloom Old Fashioned
Made up of: mixed whiskies, seasonal fruit and veg shrub and 3 dashes angostura

What a genius idea! After getting in contact with the company behind these drinks; White Lyan, I discovered they have just opened a new site this September named Cub so I got the low down on what you can expect there…

Cub is the highly anticipated new concept just launched at the former White Lyan site by Ryan Chetiyawardana (aka Mr Lyan) and his team, who have partnered with friend and long term collaborator Doug McMaster of Brighton’s pioneering zero-waste restaurant Silo. Opening its doors early September, Cub will offer a new and unique luxury drinks-led dining experience for guests. Working alongside partners Krug Champagne, Belvedere and LVMH, the venue will blur the boundaries of food and drink by approaching them as a united entity, presenting the pair’s own modern interpretation of a restaurant.

With input from Dr. Arielle Johnson – former resident scientist at Noma and current flavour scientist and Director’s Fellow at the MIT Media Lab – Cub will remain at the heart of the Mr Lyan team’s development and experimentation, bringing people together through an exciting, high-end offering whilst reducing waste.


Blurring the Boundaries of Food and Drink

Removing the usual division between bar and kitchen, a shallow bar will act as one long pass, where a bartender, chef, and hybrid bartender-chef will prepare the food and drinks side by side. Working in this way will provide a more complex range of ingredients than a stand-alone bar or kitchen would typically use.

The menu will go beyond a usual food and drink pairing and be laid out in ‘courses’ – some of which will present food and drink alongside each other, whilst other courses may just be a stand-alone dish or drink. Rather than looking at food and drink as separate entities, the team will approach them as seamless offerings with no boundaries between where drinks end and food begins; instead everything will be designed to reflect the different stages of a meal, and provide a complete experience by deciding whether the serve should appropriately be on a plate or in a glass. Cub will champion the idea that well considered food and drink can help elevate a gathering, and will provide a space and offering that puts this upfront, but with layers and depth to the menu for those who want to understand more.


The Next Step in Sustainability

Cub’s work behind the scenes will strike up a new, modern conversation around sustainability, an increasingly ubiquitous topic that White Lyan was fundamental in bringing into the minds of the industry. Working with Dr Arielle Johnson, the team will be looking at food systems, farming practice and how food and drink experiences can be explored in a way that doesn’t destroy the planet. The team will make the venue its own ecosystem with experimental ingredients grown on site as part of a program to research the effects of environment on food growth and flavour.

In addition to this, the menu at Cub will be ingredient led and informed by sustainable supply and waste reduction, with an aspirational approach to challenging the wasteful status quo and affecting change in food and drink systems. It will go beyond the ideas of locality and seasonality, as well as beyond ‘closed-loop’ practice, to challenge the way the industry and guests regard and treat food systems.

The Experience

Interiors have been designed by Juliet Walmsley of the Mr Lyan team, and upon entering the 35-cover venue, guests will be greeted by the bar and kitchen pass running down one side of the room. Opposite this, raised intimate booths will provide diners with a view of the space, creating a theatre-like experience akin to a chef’s table. Repurposed products will be stylishly incorporated into the décor, with a bar-top and tables made from recycled yogurt pots, and pendant lights made from paper mulch and cork. Hues of dark, earthy green, with accents of mustard yellow from the seating will provide a touch of colour and create a warm space to accentuate the elegant, fun escapism that the Cub experience will provide.

Service will combine the attentiveness of restaurant service, with the relaxed warmth the Mr Lyan team have become known for. The menu will change weekly with new ingredients and methods constantly being brought in house and developed. For the full experience, guests will be able to enjoy a light set menu typically featuring three plates, four drinks, plus off-menu tastes and snacks for £45. The menu has been designed to lead guests on journey of dishes and drinks with each leading into the next. There will also be the option to dine a la carte and enjoy small plates and cocktails or a glass of carefully selected wines.

I don’t know about you but I am overjoyed at the prospect of this establishment! Maybe I really can live my green goddess dream with a gin tipple permanently to hand? If you want to find out more or make a booking then you can do so my visiting their website here

You can also order their book on the link below:

Thanks for reading and happy drinking 😉