Ever wondered what an eco-friendly wedding could look like? You are in luck! Our very own Daisy and Ozric from What Daisy Did recently tied the knot enriched with the most beautifully environmentally conscious elements. Their attention to detail for ensuring every aspect had been looked at through green tinted glasses is remarkable. I hope you enjoy reading through our Q&A with Daisy and having a nosey through all the photos…

What made you decide on an eco wedding?

For us it was never a question of whether or not we were going to have an eco wedding but, how it was going to be done!

What were the main factors for making it eco?

Waste and the impact on the environment was the most important factors for making it eco for us. We built compost toilets, bought compostable bowls and cutlery and sourced as much food from the farm and the local area as possible. We made plates from a chopped down tree which could then be thrown onto the fire, all the décor was plastic free and bought second hand. The tents and sleeping stuff was all bought second hand from a camping shop who collected them from festivals, cleaned them and sold them on.

How did you decide on location?

The self sufficient farm where we held the wedding was the first place that we travelled to together as a couple, we Helpx’ed there which is where you work in exchange for your food and accommodation and it was one of the first influences on us wanting to live more sustainable and eco lifestyles.

What were the most challenging elements?

One of the most challenging elements was the logistics and organisation of everything, the ceremony, the food, the events, we hired bar staff but everything else was done by us. Luckily all the guests were happy to muck in with washing up, prepping the food and tidying up which was great! By the end it had turned into a big community where everyone helps with everything 🙂

How did the guests react?

They loved it! A few people had been sceptical about the idea of a festival style wedding and sleeping in a field but by the end of it some people were saying they wanted to move to France and do the same thing!

How did you approach dealing with catering?

We planned the meals in advance and worked via recipes so that we could increase the amount to the right number of people. We had a nightmare on the first night where more people turned up in time for dinner than we thought but luckily we had leftovers from lunch that we served instead

What are some of the smaller touches that made the day for you?

The flowers that had been grown on the farm really made the place beautiful and the band that we hired for the wedding had written a wedding song for us!

How big was the wedding?

There was about 90 people in total including people working and the bands.

Huge congratulations to you both, we wish you every happiness for your future together. You can read more about What Daisy Did on their feature page here.