Public Speaking

I graduated from the Cambridge University Sustainability Leadership team in 2018, and am therefore equipped to present on the circular economy, sustainability or my journey into the field. I love chatting to new organisations as no two conversations are ever the same in this sector so, I would welcome the chance to speak in your organisation, workplace or event.

Grow & Learn;

Interactive Sessions for Key Stage 2

I truly believe that educating our children for the future of the environment is of upmost importance. This session has fun interactive games to engage and inspire students to think big and realise the potential of their own impact.

Turn a New Leaf;

How to Champion Sustainability in the Workplace

Sustainability is a rapidly growing topic and business is yet to catch up. In the meantime, championing sustainability is essential in the work place. This session will ignite individuals to pop on their green tinted spectacles and start making simple changes with maximum impact.

Sew Green