Hello December. You seemed to arrive in record time this year and I haven’t prepared a single thing for Christmas yet. But thanks for the prompt!

I’ve had numerous people over the last few weeks get in contact to express their woes over sourcing Christmas presents this year that can be considered eco-friendly. So I figured I would write a super dooper useful post about all the wonderful products out there.

I have broken down my personal favourites into three sections of budget brackets because lets be honest, a gift for my mother verses a gift for secret Santa is a different ball game guys! So hopefully you will find this really useful for your own shopping…


Georganics Bamboo Toothbrush – £3.90
Yes ok, a toothbrush is a little out there for a Secret Santa but honestly, people love these toothbrushes! They are so cute, the packaging is gorgeous and the give a humungous hug to the planet in using these over plastic ones.

Mayamiko Handmade Soaps – £5.40
These little soaps are the ultimate stocking filler, they smell amazing, look great and you can have confidence in knowing your purchase is supporting a sustainable economy in Malawi where these soaps were made.

Georganics Activated Charcoal Tooth Whitening Powder – £6.90
What? You haven’t tried charcoal on your gnashers yet?! Common, 2017 is all about this product and you can’t go into the new year without trying some.

Laila London Rose Coconut Body Scrub £15
Rose, Coconut, scrub… what is not to love about this? This particular purchase also comes with an adorable mini spatula to help with application.

Wax & Wick White Musk & Cedarwood Candle – £15
These candles are LIT! (too much?) But for real, aside from their functionality, these candles are all made from repurposed wine bottles and will make any home look instagram worthy.



Aura Organics Honey Microdermabrasion Face Mask – £18.95
This is the most popular face mask from Aura Organics and it’s purifying qualities will have your skin gleaming in no time. No chemicals, no nasties, just gorgeous ingredients for your skin to lap up.

Harmony at Home – Cotton Knitted Bunny – £23.99
Stop. How friggin cute are these? I think any child (or potentially adult) would fall in love with this bunny. The stuffing is made from recycled plastic bottles too! Win, win!

What Daisy Did My Bonnie Bag – £24
The perfect everyday handbag to fit all the essentials and looked blooming cool at the same time.

Puck Wanderlust Midi Rings – £20-£35
I have one of these rings and I can honestly say, I haven’t taken it off since I bought it. They come in plain or patterned and go with everything! They are also made from recycled metals – bonus!

Kind Jewellery – Silver Solar Ring – £40
This little beauty is timeless. Also made from recycled metals in a workshop in Shepherds Bush, it is a certified winner as a gift.


What Daisy Did Birch Satchel – £54
A classic tan messenger bag made from recycled leather. What’s not to love?

Puck Wanderlust – Birthday Stone Necklace – £70-£85
Anyone who has a birthday in December will tell you it sucks, right? So why not make it special and tackle the birthday and Christmas present all in one?

What Daisy Did Bluejay Backpack – £84
These backpacks truly are one of my favourite products on Home of Eco. They are full of character with every single one being totally unique. These are also all made from recycled leather and the bags in this range are all named after a Beatles song. Cool huh?

Kind Jewellery – Silver Mini Elements Disc Necklace – £80
If you haven’t guessed already, I’m quite a big fan of Kind Jewellery! The maker, Tansy pours so much love into her work and her attention to detail is enough to make anyone say ‘awww’.

Kind Jewellery Gold Crescent Lune Necklace – £185
Stepping it up a notch on the jewellery front it this absolute babe of a necklace… the it shines like nothing else and will last a lifetime.


Kind Jewellery Rose Gold Full Moon Disc Necklace – £295
The absolute show stopper for Christmas. This. Is. Beautiful! Enough to make any recipient feel very, very loved.

I hope this has been useful… If you are still struggling and need some extra inspiration then get in touch and I will be sure to help you out 🙂

Happy shopping and Merry Christmas!

Annie ∆