I recently held a pop up and spoke at an event in Cambridge hosted by Sew Green. It was a fantastic evening full of optimism for the future of this movement and I was lucky enough to meet the founders of Wildwood! They are a super-dooper awesome brand selling sunglasses and watches centring their values on the environment. So of course it’s only fair I share them with you too! Lets get to know them a little better…

Tell us a little more about Wildwood…

Handcrafted from nature and born to be wild, our mission is to combine the elements of nature with excellent design and craftsmanship from our talented team of creators. Born wild and available worldwide, we’re championing ethical fashion around the world.

Our sunglasses include high quality polarised lenses offering top protection, fused with a natural handmade frame carved from wood. Our Watches are also handmade and carved from wood making both product lines truly unique.

What makes you eco-friendly?

Our full product line is produced entirely from reclaimed, recycled and/or sustainable wood sources and with each item sold we plant a tree in order to continue the cycle of life for a sustainable production source. 

Whats the meaning behind your name?

Wild Wood is essentially the essence of our brand and what we stand for. For each item is named after an endangered species or a species which is in need of support to build the population numbers back up again. Wild is what we are! Funky, cool and adventurous, it encompasses who we are. 

Your ethos?

To build a stylish brand which does good for the planet, not just uses sustainable production, but aims to flourish that source. We want our new and existing customers to buy our product and think about how they can reduce their own footprint on the planet, a small change from each individual can have huge impact long term. We’re much more than accessory brand, we’re here to change the status quo. 

Aspirations for the future?

We’re currently working on developments to make our lenses completely plastic free, our aim by 2020 is ensure that the lenses across our entire range give back in the same way our frames do, so instead of simply recycling, we replenish and restore. If we can achieve this, it changes the market! It gives the people the power to demand sustainable sunglasses because we’re proof it can be done!

Favourite planet loving brand?

We recently attended an eco-fashion networking event and met the team behind AmaElla which is an ethical lingerie brand, the founders are super cool and we love their story! You have to check them out.

Top three favourite songs right now?

Plan B – Heartbeat

Huntar – Beautiful

Mabel – Fine Line

Favourite place in the world?

Langkawi Malaysia! If you need a break from society, this is the place! 

Your ‘I can’t live without’ dessert island item? 

Our Malayan Tiger Sunnies 

Tell us something we don’t know… 

There is approximately 51 trillion microscopic pieces of plastic, weighing 269,000 tons in our oceans. That is about the same as 1345 adult blue whales. And 500 times the number of stars in our galaxy. We know which we’d rather see! Let’s change the eyewear industry, for a sustainable earth friendly future.


You can check out Wildwood here and they will also be hosting an event in August to officially launch their brand! I don’t know about you but I’m very excited to see where they are headed next so watch this space!